Your Input. Our State-of-the-Art Skills.

Hansen Multimedia creates impactful brand strategies across video, print, and the web to distinguish you from the competition.

What We Do

With your input and our state-of-the-art skill set, we can elevate your message above the masses.

Our Story

For more than a decade, we’ve had the privilege of telling our clients’ stories in video, print, and online.

Our Work

We have plenty of fresh projects that demonstrate our abilities in web, print, and video mediums.

Some of our latest videos

Our Video Portfolio

Our portfolio showcases the depth of experience we have in producing videos, including corporate profiles, testimonials, spots, montages, weddings, special events, documentaries, motion graphics  . . . if you can dream it, we can produce it!

Latest Posts

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Retain Their Best Employees

Losing a valued employee is a blow for any company, but when your staff is on the small side, the impact can be especially hard to absorb. What can you do to keep your best and brightest on board and not looking for greener pastures? Provide the best compensation and...

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Can Introverts Succeed at Your Company?

Could you be subconsciously favoring your more outgoing employees over your quieter ones? In our culture, extroversion is a highly rewarded personality trait. Being gregarious and talkative is often seen as more desirable than being introspective and reserved. But...

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Entrepreneurs: Born or Made?

There’s a popular notion that the entrepreneurial spirit is something you either have or you don’t – and if you weren’t born with this trait your chances of running a successful business are slim. It’s true that researchers have often found similar personality...

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More About Hansen Multimedia

Hansen Multimedia, based in Indianapolis, is a full service online, print and video production company specializing in the needs of small and mid-size organizations. We are particularly adept in coordinating your marketing initiatives across mediums to provide a consistent, powerful brand for your company. Every project we complete is customized to suit the specific needs of our clients. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your next project.

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